Best Project Management Software

Are you frustrated by project managers who are unable to get reports out on time or at all? Are projects behind schedule and over budget even though project managers were assigned more resources? Unfortunately, project management is often still seen as a difficult task to accomplish due to the excessive amount of project management software available.

Project management software has dramatically evolved in recent years. But how do project managers choose which project management tool to use? Which project management tools are worth the money and time investment? How to find a reliable project management solution that fulfills all your requirements?

Project management software is critical for the achievement of any project. The right tools and techniques ensure that your projects will be successfully implemented within budget and on time. Project management allows you to maximize the efficiency of every member involved in a project, regardless of if they are located in different places or not. Standard processes can assist each person in completing each task.

What is Project Management Software?

Project management software can help you manage, prioritize, organize, and plan your team’s work from start to finish. Project management is applying processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience in project execution. Project managers need to find appropriate tools that will support their project management team toolkit. There are many project management tools to choose from. The project management team toolkit is a tool for project managers with the following features, project management (scrum, extreme programming, kanban), task management, project progress tracker, project portfolio management, resource tracking and reporting and gantt charts

Why Do You Need Project Management Software?

Suppose you’re a project manager, a software that helps you organize work and manage deliverables if of high importance. Project management software is not a single solution; it’s a collection of tools for dealing with different aspects of the project life cycle. It may contain project scheduling and task management options or go all out by including resource planning, collaboration, and document control features, among others.

They’re able to organize tasks, assign resources, set milestones and deadlines, track the progress against both their schedule and that of their team members – all from one central location.

What Makes a Good Project Management Software?

Tracking deliverables and managing resources from cost management to collaborate with team members, there is a lot to focus on when running and managing projects. Project management tools make it easy for PMs to evaluate what is on the go, and what has been complete and what remains to be done. Project status tracking can become especially useful when team members work remotely or are not using the same project management tool as you do. Project management tools give project managers a clear overview of where their project stands and meeting deadlines.

Project Dashboards

Keep track of all your projects in your portfolio and manage project resources, project tasks and project milestones with the help of Qamodo project management tools.

Task Tracking

If project managers cannot provide reports on project progress, you must be able to track project tasks and project milestones efficiently to ensure that the progress of the project is maintained. Using project task management software allows to keep an overview of what complete, and whats left to do.

Project Schedules

Track progress and review deadlines easily with Qamodo. If you’re an agile team or a team that has adopted scrum or kanban, it may be helpful to use scrum tools.


Collaborate with the team and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Project management software allows you to record and track progress, distribute tasks, and collaborate with team members wherever they may be located.


Finally, get a bird’s-eye view of the progress of your project at any given time, allowing you to manage team resources for maximum productivity. Track progress complete, resource allocation and cost spend to date along with revenues earned provides exceptional project financial control measures.

When looking at the above features, let’s review Qamodo’s project management software.

Project Management

Project management software from Qamodo is easy to use and affordable. Project management software helps with project resources, project tasks and project milestones, prioritizing resources in a project is not an easy task, especially for a big project with many things happening simultaneously. Project resources might get wasted if they are not adequately planned or organized.

– assign projects, tasks and milestones with ease to team members directly from the gantt chart  and see the progress at one go

– easily add tasks  to multiple projects, group them into tasks for better planning of resources across your organization

– set dependencies between tasks and track the completion of each segment of your project.

Task Management

There are many task management software available, but they all basically perform the same task.  The task is to provide users with a list of tasks, which can be assigned to individuals in an organization.  This allows the project manager to track what has been completed and what remains in order for them to provide automatic reports on task progress against deadlines/milestones.  So, where do you start in terms of selecting the best project management software for your needs?

The answer lies in understanding your specific requirements vs. General requirements, features and functions common between most task management systems (and choosing accordingly).

Earned Value Management

earned value management is the process of measuring project work to track progress, manage costs and create forecasts. Earned value management is critical to successfully executing a project, whether for building a bridge or software application development.

Project management software offers solutions for managing projects from start to finish. Qamodo offers project management solutions that provide real-time data on task management, cost control and performance evaluation.

Team Management

Use Qamodo to create teams for your projects and assign roles like a manager, lead, or customized team role to each person for effective team management. Assign tasks to specific people or define which responsibilities are needed to develop specific products. Team members can manage their own efforts, but they’re always aware of their expected role in the project. Qamodo helps you save time by taking away the hassle of sending messages back and forth between team members about who’s done what already or who needs help next.