Manage and Assign Your Project Tasks Easily

Qamodo's flexible platform allows you to manage and track your tasks, and respond to any changing requirements.

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Powerful and Robust Task Management Tool

Organize your tasks quickly and easily. Manage your task assignments track progress and boost productivity with our team collaboration tools.

Tasks Lists

Create all your task for your projects. Qamodo’s robust task feature provide detailed information on all your projects.  

Assign tasks to users, set working hours, and track their progress. Update status so everyone on the team can see what is priority. You can further break down complex tasks into sub-tasks, and use timetables or timers to record the time spent on each task.

Task Details

Drill down into each task, view assignments, add notes, and share tasks with the team or external clients.

Open each task and view all the details, add action items, upload individual files, add comments and share to important members. Tasks details in Qamodo allow you to view important items and ensure that everyone of that the team is hitting important deadlines. 


Set goals and milestones for each project, track completion and rest assured that your project in on track.

Add milestones from the start on as the project progress. Milestones is a way to ensure that objectives are met and progress is being maintained. Also, you can add them as the project continues or add them as requests by your client, you can even add budgets. 


Break down your project into task and subtasks easily. Maintain big picture focus while the team focuses on the details. 

Task dependencies allow you create task relationships that dictate which task has to be done before another task can start, or to see the structure of the tasks so you can segment your project with subtasks to ensure that each deliverable is met.