Intuitive Gantt Charts & Kanban

Track timelines, milestones and update statuses that help you plan and manage your projects with ease.

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Plan, Coordinate, And Update Your Projects Quickly

Hit deadlines, achieve milestones and coordinate all your tasks easily. Creating project plans with Qamodo will help you stay on schedule and on track.

Gantt Charts

You can organize your tasks in Gantt Chart online and plan them with ease while having a clear vision of what impact they will have on the completion of hardest task or project.

Gantt chart is to establish early completion deadlines for all tasks in order to manage workflow, maximize team performance and ensure that tasks are completed by required date. Using Gantt Chart in our project management software allows you 


Kanban Boards

Plan, Stay focused, and Organize your tasks quickly and easily. Track progress and boost productivity with team our collaboration tools.

Monitor your project activities for any task or make recurring workflows needed to be completed. Task management is made simple yet robust to determine the overall health of your projects.

  • Create and assign tasks specific to your projects
  • Set deadlines and milestones for each deliverable
  • Track completion and see detailed progress

Task Assignments

Manage and coordinate all your team members. Easily assign them to projects and set roles and responsibilities.

  • Add team members with assigned project roles
  • Manage team member work capacity
  • Track Leaves

Plan, Coordinate, And Update Your Projects Quickly

Gantt charts and Kanban boards are two popular project management tools you can use to organize your work. Both create visual schedules, but Gantt charts show projects in a timeline format while Kanban boards show individual tasks on sticky notes, which makes them good for agile software development. By looking at Gantt charts, all team members can see when they're supposed to do their part to complete the project.