Manage Work Distribution and Fairly Assign Work

Qamodo helps you know when work will be completed, prevent burnout, and make work life manageable for everyone on your team.

enterprise resource planning

View Into Your Teams Workload

Easily manage your teams workload, see whos at full capacity and which resource need to be assigned. Prevent burnouts and make sure everyone is being utilized.


Plans, Organize, and Assign Work Across Your Team

Plan all your work activities and work hours available, and assign your team members to each task. You can also see progress updates across all projects for team members so you know what’s being worked on at any given time. Work availability, work hours used, and work completed are visible from each project.


Ensure that all your team members are being utilized while avoiding burnout. 

Maintain balance by understanding where your team members are spending their time. Update your productivity as you progress through your project by maintaining work balance between all your team members. It’s easy for managers to spot potential problems and correct course before they lead to burnout.


Resource Assignment

Set goals and milestones for each project, track completion and rest assured that your project in on track.

Track when tasks are being complete and ensure your team is fully utilized. Never under or overwork your team—the workload window shows everyone at a glance what’s getting done and what’s left to do and give your the ability to assign members to new tasks or different projects.