Track Lead & Onboard New Clients

Collaborate with Team Members, Track Progress & Hit Deadlines with Qamodo

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Customer Are The Forefront Of Any Business

Easily track and manage leads and onboard new clients. Qamodo provides transparency between your projects and your customers.

Track Leads & Potential Customers

Organise your team with tasks, deadlines and tags. Work in project mode or manage each of your clients individually. 

It’s easy to manage prospective clients based on your current client base, industry or project offerings. Set a lead statuses so you know where each one is at through your client engagement.

Client Agreements

Create Clients, setup agreements, agree on budgets and import contracts.

Qamodo project management software allows you to set a client portal for all your project. You can easily set the scope of the project, estimated time line and budgets, and attach agreements. 

Project Views

Make the client part of the project team. Allow view access to project so everyone is on the same page. 

You can easily set permissions and roles for all your team members, including your clients. You have the option of providing login detail to your client so they can view progress on projects.