How to Create a Construction Phase Plan: Templates Included

Elevating Construction Project Management with a Construction Phase Plan

In the extensive realm of construction projects, both grand and complex, to simple and small-scale designs, one common factor is the indispensable construction phase plan. Acting as a key document in construction project management, this plan vouches for the safety and smooth operation of the project.

Understanding the Construction Phase Plan

A construction phase plan is a meticulously curated document that maps out the health and safety concerns related to a particular construction project, hence occasionally referred to as a construction phase health and safety plan. The goals of this plan revolve around setting high safety standards and concrete project safety goals for the construction site. It encompasses site rules, necessary procedures to minimize or eradicate risk, and communicates significant risks, site rules, and health and safety protocols to all involved in the construction project.

The size and depth of the construction phase plan depend on the scale of the project, being more detailed for larger projects. It is constructed during the pre-construction phase, setting the stage for a safe setup of the construction site. Crafting a construction phase plan is part of the overall management process of construction and greatly benefits from the use of project management software.

Significance of a Construction Phase Plan

The principal contractor holds the responsibility to develop the construction phase plan. They oversee the project’s management and control. It is imperative that the plan complies with all health and safety regulations, as any discrepancies can hold the contractor liable.

Construction projects harbor potential dangers due to the heavy machinery and hazardous materials involved, often at dangerous heights. Therefore, a construction phase plan examines all inherent risks associated with the project, ensuring the safety of subcontractors and their crews.

This plan also ensures compliance with various codes, regulations, and restrictions imposed by government agencies. It communicates all health and safety precautions to everyone on the job site before the onset of any work ensuring safety and compliance.

Key Elements of a Construction Phase Plan

A construction phase plan is tailored to each unique construction project reflecting its unique health and safety requirements. However, there are some standard components to every construction phase plan:

Project Description

This section outlines the project scope, important dates, deadlines, and the different phases of the project till its conclusion.

Description of the Project Team

This comprises a detailed list of all stakeholders: the project management team, the client, contractors and subcontractors, consultants, designers, and key suppliers, along with their contact information.

Arrangements for Managing the Construction Phase Work

This section defines management arrangements related to health and safety procedures and outlines site rules, responsibilities, and key management procedures.

List of Construction Risks

Construction projects typically have numerous health and safety risks. These need to be identified in detail, with information about their potential impact on the project and likelihood of occurrence.

Arrangements for Controlling Construction Risks

Each risk should be assigned to a team member with a mitigating or elimination plan. Site safety and health risk arrangements should be addressed.

Health & Safety File

All health and safety information are compiled in this file, serving as a legal record for clients and end users, encompassing construction through use, cleaning, maintenance, alterations, refurbishment, and demolition.

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