Closing a construction project: navigating the post-construction phase

Understanding Post-Construction in Project Management

Post-construction is a vital phase in any construction project management. This phase stretches from the completion of the physical construction to the moment the project is handed over to the project owner. It sees to cleanup of job sites, returns of equipment, and reassignment of the labor force to the next venture.

This phase also involves the handover of both the construction and its documentation to the client or project owner. Moreover, it’s during this phase that the owner’s team is trained and equipped to operate all the systems and equipment in their newly constructed project.

The Cruciality of Project Management Software in Post-Construction

A [project management]( tool like Qamado’s project management tool helps streamline the post-construction phase. This tool can efficiently manage and document tasks such as punch lists, allowing you to track progress and attach necessary files, such as photos in real-time.

Post-Construction Activities

Here are the key activities involved in the post-construction phase:

Final Inspections

After the completion of the punch list, the construction team ensures that all the specifications of the contract are fulfilled, and the structure is working appropriately. Once all elements meet the set standards, the architect signs a certificate of substantial completion. The local government then issues a certificate of occupancy, indicating that the building is ready.

Walkthrough Process

Before completing and handing over the project, the general contractor, architect, and construction team inspect the structure to confirm it’s built to the expected quality and contract specifications.

Project Turnover

The handoff and turnover process allows for the successful transfer of the structure to the project owner. This phase also provides the opportunity for the client to fully understand the operations of the newly constructed structure.

Post-Construction Cleaning

This involves the cleanup of the rubble and debris that resulted from the construction process. The aim is to ensure the site is sanitized and safe for occupancy, as well as meeting environmental standards.

Post-Construction Training

During the post-construction phase, training is also provided to the project owner, ensuring they fully understand the operations of the newly constructed structure.

Seasonal Testing

Seasonal testing ensures the structure operates successfully in every season of that climate.

Post-Construction Documents

Various documents guide the transition from the post-construction phase to the owner’s responsibilities.

Important documents include the Punch List, As-Built Drawings, Notice of Completion, and the Inspection Reports, to name a few. Each document serves a diverse yet crucial role in the completion and handover of a construction project.

Minimizing Post-Construction Strains with Qamado’s Project Management Tool

Construction projects can be complex, and tools such as Qamado’s [project management]( software can greatly assist in these processes.

With Qamado’s tool, project managers can easily document, deliver, and archive crucial project details. The [Gantt & Kanban]( features allow for better task management, leading to improved project workflow and progress tracking. Tools such as timesheets make labor demobilization more systemized and manageable.

Qamado’s project management tool integrates all the needed functionalities for streamlined project management. It connects teams, whether they are in the office or on the job site, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.

This tool caters for various tasks, from planning to managing and real-time tracking. It supports data-driven decision-making through data-backed dashboards and customizable reports.

Qamado’s project management tool is not just for construction project management; it extends to other projects requiring dynamic task planning, dependencies synchronization, and critical path filtering functionalities.

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