The Importance of ICT in Project Management

Information and communications technology improves employee communication, automates numerous corporate processes, and increases project transparency. By doing so, you will enhance customer and staff happiness while also growing earnings and giving yourself room to develop.

Here are six ways that information and communications technology (ICT) can improve your project management results.

Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration Among Employees

When your company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate with every member of the staff. Email and spreadsheets are no longer acceptable methods of communicating with employees due to their time requirements. Carleton University estimates that your employees read and send emails for 11.7 hours a week at work and 5.3 hours a week at home. According to another study, employees read their work-related emails for 4.1 hours each day. To keep the information flowing, you’ll have to give them access to better internal communications systems that are speedier.

You can finally put an end to the CC/BCC madness with drag-and-drop project management solutions. Assigning tasks is now much faster, and adding team members involved in a project is more accessible now that you may establish an unlimited number of projects. As a result, no one else in your team will be inundated with notifications on jobs that have nothing to do with them. De-cluttering allows your staff to write comments, share documents, and easily reassign jobs without having to go back and forth between many platforms.

Using IM chat tools will help you keep your teams in sync by bridging communication barriers. Slack, for example, allows your employees to create various channels based on a specific topic and choose which track they will join or leave.

Using information and communication technologies in project management is advantageous.

Controlling the Workforce Located in Different Locations

Project managers often have difficulty collaborating with remote teams because of technological barriers. It would help if you gave efficient multi-channel communication to your small staff to increase morale.

Inability to meet in person does not preclude team members from getting to know one another and collaborating. You can now provide your staff with virtual water coolers to converse at their leisure by using SaaS collaboration solutions.

In other words, modern jobs are mobile and adaptable. Take internet phone systems as an illustration. Many leading VoIP service providers, like Nextiva and On Sip, even provide whole communications packages geared toward businesses.

Cost-cutting measures

To be an effective project manager, you must maintain open lines of communication with all parties involved. The use of a traditional landline phone system should be a thing of the past for you. While most analog phone service companies provide low-cost local calling options, long-distance and international calling can be very expensive.

Improving Data Security

According to statistics, 76% of US companies have targeted phishing or social engineering assaults. Regardless of where your team members work, the importance of information security cannot be overstated, whether they are in the office or at home.

Keep in mind that staff carelessness is a common source of online hacks. The good news is that as a project manager, you may urge your team to take corporate information and communications technology (ICT) training to brush up on cybersecurity fundamentals.

  • Define your cybersecurity objectives.
  • Conduct risk evaluations.
  • Develop stringent information security policies with the IT department.
  • Regularly create a backup of essential data.
  • Opt for SaaS applications that employ encryption.

Install and update cybersecurity programs such as anti-virus, firewall, and encryption software.

Keeping Tabs on Project Success

It is possible to track the productivity of your employees using spreadsheets, but it will take a lot of your time. Fortunately, numerous cloud-based automated solutions can track employee success for you, so you can concentrate on identifying growth prospects for your firm.

You can quickly track your activities, projects, and personnel when you use project management solutions. Dashboards are easy-to-use tools that display the most critical project data. You can easily keep track of the progress of each project with the help of project management software like LiquidPlanner. Use metrics, KPIs, and statistics to focus on your projects’ development and make better decisions by creating detailed reports.