7.0 Project Closing Process

Table of contents

The closing process indicates the termination or completion of your project. You should ensure that your project has followed a distinct end by adhering to the following procedure:

  • Determine if any project activity is left and work towards its completion
  • Gradually release your staff if they have completed the work, they were assigned in the project plan
  • Make sure that the process of final approvals and transactions finishes on due time.
  • Take all the key players on board and get final approval from them. Hold a formal closure meeting and send out a project closure document at the end of it. Ensure that the document entails the closure of all project activities and acquires formal acceptance of the end results.
  • You may communicate your observations and assessments regarding the performance of your project team. Do not forget to individually acknowledge and thank every team member and his supervisor.
  • Celebrate the formal end of your project

Project Evaluation Report #

Write a detailed project evaluation report comprising of the following sections:

  • Performance of the Project: It will encompass a detailed account of what the project achieved as compared to the original project plan. You should lay specific emphasis on all possible deviations from the original plan.
  • Team member appraisals: You should confidentially provide performance appraisals to multiple team members of the project.
  • Articulate learning: You should document the key learning outcomes and information regarding tactics that worked and those which did not work in the course of your project.
  • Recommendations for further projects.

Note: All the documents produced during the project should be stored in order to be used as a baseline for similar projects in the future.