How to List Project Management Skills on Your Resume: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering the Art of Project Management: A Guide for Qamodo

A resume, or a CV as it is known in the UK, serves as a billboard to showcase the skills an individual has accumulated over time. One of the most demanding sections in this important document is project management skills. These range from mastery in working with people, leading teams, steering communication and driving project implementation.

Effective Presentation of Project Management Skills

In a resume, the ‘Skills Profile’ section is a designated area to list your competencies. These abilities can be grouped into various vital categories such as interpersonal skills and leadership where every heading is supported by bullet points outlining how these skills manifest.

When it comes to project management, employers often anticipate direct demonstration of these abilities through the listed work experience. But, in case you haven’t been involved in work-related projects so far, it’s perfectly okay to include project management skills under the defined headings. The focus here is to emphasize your ability to handle the technical aspects of project management.

Choosing the Right Skills for your Resume

Analyzing the job listing, description, and demands of the particular role and company will shed light on the necessary skills that need to be highlighted on your CV. Many recruiters make use of keyword searching tools that filter out resumes using specific words from the job advert, therefore tailoring your resume to suit these keywords can increase your chances of getting noticed.

To effectively tackle the project management skills segment in your resume, it’s essential to differentiate between Soft skills (a.k.a Power skills) and Hard skills.

Soft Skills and Hard Skills in Project Management

Soft or power skills refer to the more subjective, intricate aspects of project management. They deal with interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence that are hard to gauge. These include leadership, communication, negotiation, conflict management, ethics, diversity, inclusion and managing workplace stress among others.

Hard skills encompass the technical components of project management that validate your abilities to direct projects. They are concrete, quantifiable, and directly related to job performance. They can be encapsulated in terms like technical abilities, core competencies and project management techniques. These include: scheduling, resource management, project budget management, governance, risk management and configuration management among others.

These skills can be represented on your resume with an accompanying example for each, or incorporated into your job history section.

Describing Project Management Skills

The description of your skills is as vital as the skills themselves. This is where you get to provide a context for each skill and how it translates into your professional life. For instance,”Excellent communication and presentation skills gained from speaking at conferences, conducting training sessions, and running workshops.” This description leaves room for further inquiry and discussion during an interview, thus selling your abilities better.

Moving Forward

Project management requires a diverse array of skills. Understanding the job description, honing your skills, and updating your resume with the project management skills and experiences that make you stand out are the proactive steps you should take next.

How Qamodo can Help

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Remember, the right skills and the right tools can steer you on the path of project management excellence – and Qamodo is here to make sure of it.

This revised article was originally appeared at Rebel’s Guide to Project Management.