Best Time Management Apps for 2021

Practical time management applications are excellent for increasing productivity and maximizing every hour every day. Best time management solutions can assist you in the timely execution of activities and projects. Other time management applications are designed to fight backlogs, increase your mood and concentration and even improve contact with family, friends, and teams. First and foremost, everything relies on your demands. Are you seeking for comprehensive-time management software to track everything and save you time in the long run? Or do you need an easy time management tool to track your to-do list?

1. DeskTime

DeskTime is one of the more efficient time management tools because it is 100 percent automatic, which means you start tracking your time and identifying useless URLs and apps you use.

Why you enjoy it: DeskTime helps you measure time, but more importantly, it automatically determines how efficient and productive you are all day. The app has been reported to enhance productivity by 30 percent by detecting unproductive habits. The accessible reports of DeskTime show you or the entire team time management information and productivity results – who was most productive, often late, worked overtime, etc.

Price: Free trial, DeskTime Lite – Free; DeskTime Pro – pricing options start at $7/User and are available for bigger teams for as low as $3.85/user on an annual basis.

Availability: (iOS, Android), Web, Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux), Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari), Mobile.

2. Trello

With this time management software, you can effortlessly search through tasks with your coworkers and categorize tasks by topics like “To Do,” “Complete,” “In Progress,” etc., into boards and lists. Add your comments, photos, dates, and other appendices to personalize Trello for you or your team.

3. Asana

Asana is a configurable task organizer and one of the most popular projects and time management applications at the moment. Asana enables you to arrange work in teams, projects, and tasks using a system of individual lessons structured in broader projects (boards). You may also establish deadlines and keep track of each phase of your projects, seeing the overall picture.

Why you enjoy it: Asana allows you to see your workflow and helps you focus on your objectives, projects, and minor daily activities for effective time management.

Price: Free basic account, $9.99 per user/month premium.

Availability: Web, Mobile, Browser extension (iOS, Android) (Chrome)

4. Evernote

Notes are recognized as the habit of time management, resulting in improved productivity and less time squandered. Evernote is an application that functions as a notebook, a pocket notebook, a personal organizer, a to-do list, etc. It also includes a browser extension to save future reference sites.

Why you want to: Evernote is a platform-based time management program that integrates almost everything (desktop, tablet, phone) and is perfect for mobile time management. This means that random pieces of information saved on various devices are no longer scrambling. Evernote puts all your digital life in one place, including business ideas, photos, voice recordings, and to-do lists, to save you time.

5. Timecamp

Timecamp is an application for time management. This time, the tracking and attendance software assists millions of companies worldwide to keep an eye on and budget for their projects.

Its project tree with the tag structure is unique to its competitors and helps plan time for various customers.

Why you’re going to appreciate it: Timecamp offers more than just essential time monitoring. It provides companies with participation and time management software and establishes a payroll system within Timecamp in connection with the billing rates.