15 Recommended Project Management Books to Earn PDUs – Rebel’s Guide to Project Management

Professional Development through Project Management Literature

In every profession, continuous learning is instrumental for growth and advancement. If you are on the quest for Professional Development Units (PDUs) for renewing certifications like the Project Management Professional (PMP)®, reading literature related to your industry is an excellent place to start.

However, navigating through hundreds of management books to identify those that grant you PDUs can be challenging. This revamped article offers time-saving insights on 15 highly recommended books for PDUs. Before we delve into the list, let’s touch on some essential details concerning using literature as a source of PDUs.

Which Books Are Pertinent for PDUs?

Generally, any book discussing project management can qualify for PDUs, provided it mirrors the [PMI Talent Triangle](https://qamodo.com/solutions/project-management/) or an equivalent competency framework from other project management associations. The learned knowledge must align with your certification. A perusal of your certification’s exam content outline will guide your reading selection to ensure reproductive fissility.

Relevant books encompass ‘ways of working,’ technical project management, leadership, power skills, business acumen, and strategic and business management topics. Irrespective of your career stage, you can find a book that interests and relates to you.

How Many PDUs are Attainable from Reading?

PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements handbook stipulates the requirements for earning PDUs. For every hour spent reading, you earn one PDU. A judicious arrangement such as reading during your commute or audiobook exercise sessions can lead to an accumulation of these informal learning units.

The type and number of Education PDUs required vary depending on the certification. The following table provides a brief overview of the minimum PDUs required for different Project Management Institute certifications:

– For PMP, 35 PDUs are required with 8 in ways of working, 8 in power skills, 8 in business acumen, and the remaining 11 in any area of the talent triangle.
– For CAPM, 9 PDUs with 2 in the ways of working, 2 in power skills, 2 in business acumen, and the remaining 3 in any area of the talent triangle.

With such understanding, you can plan your reading more strategically to meet the requisite PDU needs.

Claiming PDUs for Reading

Logging your reading in PMI CCRS or your professional body’s equivalent record system is the process of claiming PDUs. When reading, take notes you can furnish as evidence of reading if your recertification application is audited.

Your notes should contain the dates you read, how much you read, and key takeaways from your reading.

Recommended Books for PDUs

The following books have been categorized by the Talent Triangle areas; “Ways of Working,” “Power Skills,” and “Business Acumen.” The books are further sub-categorized, taking into account suggestions for PDU claims necessary for each discussed book:

In “Ways of Working” Books:
For example, “The Project Manager and the Pyramid” by David Hinde, you can claim a PDU for 4 hours. “Retrospective Antipatterns” by Aino Vonge Corry, you can claim a PDU for 3 hours.

Under “Power Skills” category:
For example, “Project Management for Humans” by Brett Harned, you can claim a PDU for 2 hours. “Be a Project Motivator” by Ruth Pearce, you can claim a PDU for 4 hours.

And in “Business Acumen” Books:
For example, “Business Resilience” by David Roberts et al., you can claim a PDU for 9 hours. “Good Charts” by Scott Berinato, you can claim a PDU for 6 hours.

The information in this article should equip you with enough material to commence your PDU earning journey.

Closing Remarks

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